Wednesday, 16 September 2015

New Blog!

Well, after several years of hiatus I decided to start blogging again. I've always loved the idea of writing for an audience even if I never could think of ideas! Instead of starting to blog again on my old blogs however; Original and New(Old) Attempt, I decided it would be best to start fresh. Since I've never been one for ideas, meaning I could never figure out what to write or what niche I should follow since my tastes are ever expanding, I thought that this time I should just blog about... you guessed it! Anything and Everything. This means I will blog about anything I find relevant or interesting to post, my language learning, my friends comic strip that isn't updated so much, my own art accompanying my own critiques of what could be done, my views on current politics in the UK (yeesh), television series that I've been watching (even if they are n years old) and pretty much anything else.

To start with I may as well promote my friends comic. She is known as Melody and draws as well as writes for her own comic known as Magic Science Bus; which, as you can guess, is a parody of Magic School Bus. Her comic doesn't get much love online but she still continues to write it, however inconsistently. Now, at first, she started to sell the comic by season but as time has went on and for the sake of genuinely wanting more people to read she has essentially released all her work for free. Occasionally, and I mean rarely, I do the line work and colour for the comic. I do believe that this is a comic that is genuinely funny the majority of the time and I do find it a shame that it doesn't get much love even though most that read it say that they want more. So like a true friend who occasionally can be bothered to write I am going to shamelessly promote her blog and her comic in an effort to get her to do more with the series.

The First set of comics that started it all.
Her blog can be found Here and in case you're wondering what I do should be doing more of...

My crappy line art and colour for a season 4 episode
It is a short web comic although it has, like, FIVE seasons. I thought it would be a good idea to make the comics short and snappy and it stuck so pretty much ever since it has been a comic that has 3 or 4 panels, with the odd long comic depending on how Melody feels at the time.

The comics premise, in case you're wondering, is about the adventures of Ms. Jane Tibereon Thistle and her magical sciencey bus called M.S.B where they kidnap take school children on wild wacky adventures such as; running away from social services, going into space and meeting Captain Picard and time travelling (dinosaurs!). We also follow other characters adventures like: Ms Thistles Clone (yes, there are clones in this series) struggling to find a job, the son of Cthulhu being there, and a boy made of Pizza who wants to take over the world!

In any case, I think that more people should check out the series as it can be pretty funny. Together we can make it a cult following! popular webcomic!

I honestly don't think I've written so much since I left university. I'm kind of glad to be getting back into it so look forward to hearing about my adventures in French (or whatever language I'm learning!), my adventures in using a graphics tablet, my eternal quest to summon the dark lord and bring about the end of humanity, television series and whatever else I feel like!

Thank you for reading this post. I hope that you'll return on a weekly basis, monthly at the very least! I'll be writing when I can, so it may not always be consistent although unexplained absences won't go on for very long!
Have a picture of Baby Cthulhu that I randomly used from this persons dA account (they haven't been active in a while it seems which is a shame)
Aww, lookit, it's so adorable!
 Until next time, my dear reader!

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